#NotGuilty Low Sugar Strawberry Jam (260g)
#NotGuilty Low Sugar Strawberry Jam (260g)

#NotGuilty Low Sugar Strawberry Jam (260g)

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Putting Jams firmly back on the menu for those who love it but avoid it due to high calories/sugar. Did you know our Jams contain 85% less calories and no added sugar. Now you can enjoy Jam that tastes as good (if not better) with less calories, sugar, carbs, fat and best of all it's guilt-free:

- 7 Calories Per Serving (20g Serving)  ✔️
- No Preservatives ✔️
- Made With Real Fruit ✔️
- Certified No Added Sugar ✔️
- High In Fibre ✔️
- 93% Less Sugar ✔️
- Vegan ✔️
- Non-GMO ✔️
- Gluten-Free ✔️


Strawberry (65%) Sweeteners (Erythritol**, Sucralose, Steviol Glucosides, Neotame) Inulin Thickening agent: Pectin Acidity regulator: Citric acid.
**Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.

Storage Conditions
Store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 3 weeks.

Nutritional Information
Nutrition Value Per Suggested 20g Serving
Energy Value 31kJ / 7kcal 31kJ / 7kcal
Fat 0g 0g
Of which:
Saturated fatty acids 0g
Carbohydrates 4.9g
Of which:
Sugars 0.8g
Dietary Fibre 2g
Protein 0.1g
Salt 0g

Additional Information

Brand: The Skinny Food Co
Product Type: Low Sugar Jam
Flavour: Strawberry Jam
Servings: 260g
Category: Condiment, Diet, Slimming, Weight Loss, Guilt-Free, Low Calorie
Suitable for: Anybody, Slimming, Gym, Bodybuilding, Vegan, Vegetarian Friendly
Key Benefits: Replace your favourite sauce with a healthier guilt-free alternative
Enjoyed By: Healthy Lifestyle, Low Carb, Low Calorie, Low Fat Diets